Saving the golf ball in sand hole next the green is always an obsession of amateur players. But why in the similar situations, the professional golfer can hit the ball to right place?

The professional golfer can hit the golf ball easily because they know and understand how to use sand as an advantage to hit the golf ball exactly. How about the amateur player? Most of them think that it is too complicated to make a perfect stroke and that makes them not improve at all. For the beginners, if you can not purchase the best GPS golf watch, you should refer this article to know how to make a stroke in the sand.

In order to make a good shot from the sand hole, there are two things you need to try to do:

  1. In the sand, you hit by the lower edge of the golf club where behind the golf ball 5 cm.
  2. The deep of the vestige in the sand is from 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm.

I notice that many amateur players are afraid of sand therefore they change the ball line. Or opposite, they are afraid that they are not strong enough to hit the golf ball in the sand so they make a very strong and deep stroke. In fact, the normal stroke in sand is about 2.5 cm of depth.


The main job of the golf club is to create the sand dune between the club and ball. In order to illustration, you can image that the sand from the golf club will lift the ball up. If you hit too deep, the club top will lose force and it is hard to lift the sand and ball out of the sand hole. On the other hand, if you hit less force, it will be a powerful stroke and sometimes the final goal may be the head of other players in the same group.

You should exercise regularly in the sand hole with the guidance above. I believe you will quickly get better stroke from the sand hole beside the green and this is not too difficult as you think.

3 important things to hit the ball out of the bunker when playing golf

  1. Make one more stroke

The common mistake when hitting ball from the bunker usually comes from the fat shots. The reason is your legs are in lower position. The movement of your mid – point of your body is very good when you play on grass. However, when you play on sand trap, this position will make you hit back of the ball. In order to hit the ball forward the legs, you can make a swing easily with a long club. If the hole is high, you should make sure that you hit the ball with enough high to pass the sand trap. If the hole is low, you can lift the golf club and hit a swing easily.

  1. Change to high posture to hit the golf ball

You can lift your chin up to set the spine angle slightly larger vertically. The higher posture will create the high force to have better swing and strokes. Therefore, you can hit the ball out of the bunker without flexing sand.


  1. Do not break the glass

You can image that your ball is lying on a glass plate. You have to hit it without breaking the glass. You should remember that hit the ball out of the bunker with a thin shot is better than any fat shot.

My name is Mark Parker and welcome to my world. You can find a lot of experience in golf here as I am a golf lover and my life is just about golf. I often search information and learn from other people who have the same hobbies with me.

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